Tips for Working with a New Agency

Putting your business in the hands of a digital marketing agency can be a scary thought. You’ve put so much work into building your business, brand, and products—now you have to pass the torch onto someone else to handle the marketing.

Here are 3 key things to consider when working with an agency:


This is key—having an agency properly understand your goals and objectives is super important.

After all, your main expertise is your business, not the latest digital marketing trends. That’s where the agency comes in and takes away the mystery behind the curtain and applies what you need to your business. It’s important to work together to define where your business can improve from the work of a marketing agency.

Understanding the numbers

If reporting is not your forte, your agency should sit down with you so you can understand all the metrics being tracked. Make sure those metrics match up to what’s important to you. If your main goal is to increase newsletter signups, make sure that’s being tracked as a conversion and is clearly displayed on your report.


Trust in your agency is the most important thing. Trusting that they understand your objectives, but also that they will lead you in the right direction. Providing recommendations and strategy adjustments lets you know they’re focusing on your goals to improve performance.

A good agency will listen to your ideas and offer advice on them. And if it’s not a good idea, they will tell you! A good agency will inspire faith in their expertise.