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From monthly breakfasts to company outings, video game competitions, and charity drives… see the latest happenings at Hall and check back for future updates!

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Matt working outside on one of our last warm days of the year! 🍂
Here’s our developer Tim rocking the vertical monitor. Sometimes it’s the way to go if you want to fit three monitors on one desk! 🖥🖥🖥
Team photo 2020! 👍
Ben rocking his standing desk!
Are you a one-monitor person or a two-monitor person? Or... more?! Anna’s happy she has two in her home setup! 🖥🖥
The office may be empty and we all may be working remotely but our day-to-day operations haven’t changed! Just no more breaks to play Pac-Man. 🤣
Throwback to meetings in the office!  Fortunately, the transition to meeting online has been pretty easy for us. Perks of being a digital agency. 💻
Working from home hasn’t stopped us from playing our weekly Quiplash game! It’s a great game if you’re looking for something to play remotely!
Simba kitty is helping now that we are all working from home. 🐾
Good thing we’re all working from home right now! ☃️