Steps Toward Effective Workplace Communication

Communicating effectively in the workplace is necessary, but not always easy. Here are some tools and steps you can take to help close the gaps: Many offices start their week off with company meetings to get their team on the same page heading into the week, but what’s just as important, yet often forgotten, is… Read more »

Thinking About Accessibility of Your Content

Recently WordCamp, Portland, ME had a great Accessibility Panel with Jesse Friedman, Peter Jewett, John Brandt. The panel discussed meeting accessibility standards, what it took and why it was important. They also brought up the point that “no one is disabled, we are all just temporarily abled“. What you can do today you might not be able… Read more »

Latest PPC News & Updates: Bing Adds New Custom Audience & In-Market Targeting Features

In the latest June update, Bing is offering two new pilot offerings that will allow users to reach their ideal audience. These two pilot offerings include In-Market Audiences and Custom Audiences. Let’s take a peek at what’s included. In-Market Audiences When it comes to In-Market Audiences, this new feature allows you to target users who… Read more »

Understanding Search Intent for SEO

Search intent is a key component for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure you are targeting the correct user and space. In this blog post I will use one example to show how a key term can be used incorrectly and how to find an accurate match of terms and intent. What is Search… Read more »