Ecommerce Integrations

Our system integrations team is proud to partner with many of the best technology providers in the eCommerce industry. We are committed to constantly researching and testing the best possible solutions for common eCommerce functionality. Sales tax automation and marketing automation are two areas where we have both deep expertise and strong partner relationships we can leverage.

Working collaboratively to drive results.

System Integrations

Our system integrations team has experience integrating e-commerce platforms with a wide range of backend systems including:

  • Order management
  • ERP
  • Customer service
  • CRM
  • Inventory management
  • Custom platform integrations

Sales Tax Automation

Sales tax calculation and liability are subject to ever-evolving state legislation.  Understanding your tax nexus, volume exposure, and correctly calculating sales tax requires specialized expertise. We work with the two largest providers of sales tax automation services in the industry.

Marketing Automation

The eCommerce buyer journey is complex and requires automation to deliver a best-practices experience for all prospects and customers. Most consumers expect email and text outreach for abandon cart, order processing, drip campaigns, cross-sells, and upsells; doing that effectively requires an automation platform. We choose to work with the most cost-effective and robust platforms in the industry.

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