100 Percent of Hall Internet Marketing Team Achieve Google Analytics Certification

Portland, Maine – As of July 1st Hall Internet Marketing, Maine’s largest fully interactive marketing agency, became one of the first firms in the state to certify all 17 of its employees in Google Analytics. The Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam is a benchmark used by the search giant to signify a strong proficiency with its powerful analytics tools.

Staff development is at the core of our company,” states Tom Hall, President at Hall Internet Marketing. “Finding great people and empowering them to become great professionals helps us consistently deliver the very best services we can for our customers. This is just one milestone in the ongoing process of delivering the very best services we can.”

“Google Analytics is an important tool for so many of our clients,” adds Mike Johnston, Director of Web Performance at Hall. “Having our entire staff certified means that we’re able to make data-driven recommendations in all areas of web design, development, and marketing.”

By encouraging all employees to strive for this benchmark, Hall avoids the common pitfalls of siloing off departments within the firm. With each employee from Web Developers up to the President conversant in Google Analytics, teams can communicate more efficiently, and ultimately clients get a more cohesive product.

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam consists of 70 multiple choice questions, testing proficiency in all areas of the program’s use. To receive a passing mark on the exam, all 17 employees at Hall had to achieve a minimum score of 80 percent, answering 56 of the 70 questions correctly. Certifications expire 18 months after passing the test.

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