Hall Internet Marketing Releases Tool to Help Demystify Google Analytics

Portland, Maine – Hall Internet Marketing, Maine’s largest fully interactive marketing agency, is proud to announce the launch of their new site, GACheck.com. GACheck is a free service that determines which Google Analytics configuration your website is using, without the need for complex programming knowledge.

Designed to empower people without technical backgrounds, visitors simply enter their website’s URL and receive a summary of the site’s Google Analytics status.

“GACheck grew out of the realization that there is no easy way for people to check their Google Analytics configuration without looking into the site’s code,” states Hall’s Project Manager, RC Lations. “Since so many marketers don’t come from a coding background, this really seemed like a gap in the technology. We knew there had to be an easier way to do this.”

Entering a website’s URL into GACheck provides users with one of three outcomes. If Universal Analytics (the program’s most recent iteration) is detected, users receive a congratulatory message containing a brief summary of new functionality. Those using older versions of Google Analytics will see instructions on how to upgrade their site. Finally, those not using any form of Google Analytics will be given a link to Google’s free signup page.

Hall’s hope is that their site will help marketers learn more about what types of data they’re tracking and what tools are available to help.

To shed light on your website’s use of Google Analytics, visit www.GACheck.com.

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