Hall Experiences High Growth in First Half of 2012

Portland, Maine – Due to increased demand for their retail marketing solutions, Hall Internet Marketing has seen double digit growth in the first two quarters of 2012. As a result, sales and revenue projections for the second half of the year have been revised upward.

“Year on year we have seen a 24.7% increase in gross revenue and a corresponding increase in net profit”, said Tom Hall, President of Hall Internet Marketing, “Retailers are under pressure to drive sales in this sluggish economy and our services help marketing professionals at these companies get more out of their online marketing budgets.” Hall continues, “As a technology enabled agency, we let data influence what we do and this allows our team of experts to attack misspend and identify new revenue opportunities very quickly. Clients like finding wasted money in what they thought were well performing campaigns and then reapply it to grow sales.”

Hall is the largest 100% interactive marketing agency in Maine and one of just a handful of technology enabled agencies in New England. Hall currently has 16 experts on staff and competes nationally with agencies in Boston, New York and California.  Their proprietary technology platform began development in 2007 and refinement continues today. “We will invest around $350k in our technology in 2012”, said Matt Harrison, Hall’s VP of Technology, “we feel that a strong platform is critical to our success”. Hall adds, “A by-product of our platform is our agile work environment that allows our experts to collaborate easily and test very rapidly and this is really a big advantage for our clients. What can takes weeks at a traditional internet marketing agency can happen at our office in an afternoon.”

About Hall

Hall is a globally recognized, data driven, digital agency that focuses on Search Engine Optimization, Technical SEO for Retailers, Paid Search Marketing, Digital Advertising and Retargeting, Web Analytics, User Experience Optimization, Email Marketing and the design and development of WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

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