Hall Image Optimization Hosting Update

Saco, Maine – Digital marketing agency, Hall, has recently updated its hosting to significantly improve website load times through image optimization. Since images can drastically affect site performance, this new update will help provide a better user experience to website users.

Hall’s hosting partner and content delivery network (CDN) now provide Lossless or Lossy image optimization and automatic WebP image creation to ensure images are optimized for the web. This update does not alter images stored in site files. Instead, it creates new WebP versions of the images optimized for the web. The new images will be cached and delivered by the CDN if the compressed image is significantly smaller than the original image and if the visitor’s browser supports WebP. In cases where the original image is smaller, the CDN will deliver the original image.

Hall is pleased to offer this update to its hosting services, which will improve website performance and create a more enjoyable user experience.

About Hall

Hall is a globally recognized, data-driven, digital agency that focuses on search engine optimization, technical SEO for retailers, paid search marketing, digital advertising and retargeting, web analytics, user experience optimization, and email marketing. The company is a verified WooExpert—recognized among the top WooCommerce developers in the world. Hall has been involved with WordPress and WooCommerce and has passionately contributed to WordPress for over a decade.

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