Hall Participates in United Way Day of Action at Scarborough Land Trust

Portland, Maine – On Thursday, May 17th, members of Hall participated in United Way of Greater Portland’s Day of Action. The Dirty Hands & Big Hearts Day of Action presented the opportunity for companies and organizations to make a positive impact in their local communities through a day of work.

Members of Hall chose to volunteer at the Scarborough Land Trust, Pleasant Hill Preserve. This land trust consists of 135 acres and has 1.5 miles of trails. Significant work has been done to maintain this preserve, and members of Hall contributed by spending the morning removing salvage debris, transporting lumber, and cleaning the surrounding area of an old barn, which will later be renovated to be used for community events.

“The Pleasant Hill Preserve is already a beautiful piece of land, and helping to make the area even more enjoyable for citizens and tourists alike – dirt-covered and all – was incredibly empowering,” said Lauren Garrand, Client Account Representative at Hall.

“It was great to spend the morning outdoors while giving back to the community,” commented Olivia Nishi, SEO Assistant at Hall.

About United Way of Greater Portland

United Way of Greater Portland is an organization dedicated to creating a brighter future for children, individuals, and families. They value the improvement and best interests of local communities, and always strive to lead with integrity.

About Hall

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