Hall Receives $484,016 from MTI to Develop Internet Marketing Platform

Portland, Maine – At their November meeting, the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) Board of Directors approved six new development awards for Maine companies and  Hall Web Services received the largest award of the six.

The MTI News press release stated on November 18th, “Hall Web Services in Portland received $484,016 to add development, consulting, support, sales and management staff to expedite the time to market for the Hall Tools Suite which enables search engine marketing (SEM) professionals and site owners to optimize their web marketing efforts.”

“We are grateful to have the support and endorsement of MTI. When we first successfully launched our software back in 2007 as an internal tool, we knew we had a great idea. We have invested $750,000 over the past 3 years to prove our concept and deliver our software to users,” said Tom Hall, President of Hall Web Services. He continued, “We are excited to be able to fulfill our vision for the software and expedite time to market.”

Hall Tools Suite enables professional Internet Marketers to analyze and assess their current efforts, competitors and opportunities on a daily basis, so they can adjust their efforts and drive the best possible traffic to their site at the lowest possible cost.

This is a solution directed towards mid-market companies, organizations with gross annual revenue of over $100m/yr,” Hall continued, “we feel we have a solution that really addresses the challenges that those companies face everyday.”

About Hall

Hall is a globally recognized, data driven, digital agency that focuses on Search Engine Optimization, Technical SEO for Retailers, Paid Search Marketing, Digital Advertising and Retargeting, Web Analytics, User Experience Optimization, Email Marketing and the design and development of WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

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