Hall’s SEO Team Attends SearchLove Boston

photo1Portland, MaineHall Internet Marketing, Maine’s largest fully interactive marketing agency, sent four members of its SEO team to SearchLove Boston 2014. Hosted by the London-based digital marketing company, Distilled, attendees heard from nearly 20 speakers over two days, covering the latest SEO strategies and topics. The conference left Hall’s SEO team feeling refreshed and renewed with the most up-to-date techniques.

“Attending a conference like SearchLove challenges me to continue to seek out the newest SEO practices,” states Mary Soule, Junior SEO Analyst.  “I left inspired and excited to use the same tools and techniques as some of the most talented people in this industry.”

The speakers came from notable companies including Google, Moz, TED, and Distilled, covering   topics like branding, data-driven analysis, local search and much more.

It was the speakers’ down-to-earth nature and willingness to answer questions that made the event so impactful.  As Andre McKay, Hall’s Technical Search Manager stated, “The true beauty of the speakers here at SearchLove is their humble nature, saying things like: ‘I could be wrong.’ It humanizes them…”

“Being surrounded by some of the most well-known digital marketing leaders was not only motivating but inspirational,” remarked Luda Paliyenko- Sherman, Search Marketer.

The SearchLove conference also instilled a great deal of confidence in Hall’s SEO team and organization as a whole by reinforcing many of the core concepts that the company follows on a daily basis.

“SearchLove gave us an opportunity to listen and interact with some of the leaders in our field,” says Mike Johnston, Director of Web Performance at Hall. “The most refreshing thing I took away was that Hall is already on top of a lot of the major topics discussed. It makes me proud to know our team can come to the same conclusions as the industry leaders, with only a fraction of the resources.”

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