Hall Developer Named as Contributor to WordPress 4.0

Portland, Maine – RC Lations, WordPress Project Manager at Hall Internet Marketing, was named among 275 volunteers who helped to write the code for WordPress 4.0, the latest major update to the open source content management system.

WordPress is the world’s leading Content Management System or CMS, meaning it’s a platform that allows non-coders to maintain their own websites. Roughly 23 percent of websites across the internet are built on the WordPress platform including internet giants such as the New York Times and Coca-Cola.

Perhaps the most impressive element of WordPress is that the software is developed entirely by passionate volunteers. “As a developer, you have an amazing opportunity to hone your skills working with developers on a much higher level in a supportive, collaborative environment,” states RC. “I would even say it’s impossible to contribute to the community and come away with nothing – there’s always professional development happening.”

This version of WordPress introduces new features in media management and text curation that make website management simpler and more intuitive for users. It also comes with security updates and under the hood tweaks. RC specifically helped resolve bugs related to themes, how users personalize their site’s appearance.

Tom Hall, President of Hall Internet Marketing, took satisfaction with the Maine firm’s ability to make a difference on such a global scale. “We are proud that our team is contributing to WordPress for users all over the globe. As a company, we take pride in what we share with the WordPress community and are proud of our staff, like RC, who make those contributions.” Hall has been building sites on WordPress since 2004 and has staff members who were building websites in the initial iterations.

For more information regarding the WordPress 4.0 release, visit: http://wordpress.org/news/2014/09/benny/

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