Browne Trading Company

Communicating world class seafood sourcing to fine restaurants and home cooks.

Based in Portland, Maine, Browne Trading Company  is nationally renowned for sourcing the ultimate in pristine quality, fresh seafood from Maine waters to those across the world. They are also one of the premier providers of the finest caviar in the United States.  Browne Trading Company not only provides seafood to the finest restaurants, they also proudly offer their products via overnight delivery to home kitchens throughout the country.

Browne Trading needed a new ecommerce site with a high-end look and feel that also featured their informational content about seafood sourcing and sustainability. The Hall team created a clean site design to achieve these dual objectives. The product pages feature custom multi-variable product types, along with a customized shipping calculation system to ensure customers receive their orders on-time.

Services Provided

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Browne Trading Company
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