Maine Digital Marketing Agency Releases New Open Source WordPress Theming Framework

Hall presents Scaffolding at 2014 WordCamp Connecticut.
Hall presents Scaffolding at 2014 WordCamp Connecticut.

Portland, Maine – Hall Internet Marketing, Maine’s largest fully interactive marketing agency is pleased to announce the completion of its latest development project, Scaffolding. This open source WordPress theming framework which has been in development internally for the last 18 months is now available for download at for free and public use.  It was first announced at the 2014 WordCamp Connecticut, where Scaffolding served as a Gold Level sponsor for the event.

“Scaffolding started as an internal tool at Hall for building client sites and grew to the point where we thought it was ready to release back to the community,” states RC Lations, WordPress Project Manager. “The concept is very familiar for developers working at an agency level, but our hope is that we can help others save more time and gain valuable feedback.”

Developed by Hall’s team of experienced WordPress developers, Scaffolding was created for the purpose of rapid responsive development and design.  The new framework brings together a suite of the best tools available for building modern websites including the _s starter theme by Automattic, Bootstrap’s responsive grid, and a carefully selected list of add-ons such as Font Awesome and WordPress helper functions.

photo credit: 2014 WordCamp Connecticut

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