What is Google Web Light?

Recently, while looking through our Google Analytics data for bad referrals and other spam traffic to exclude from our reporting, we noticed a new hostname in one of our profiles for: {example-website}.com.googleweblight.com. Curious if this was spam traffic or something from Google, we did some digging. If you see this data in your Google Analytics… Read more »

Online Marketing Trends – Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year again where we begin to wrap up 2016 and reflect on all that has passed this year. Last year, we made a few predictions that came to fruition, such as the need for more content in SEO, the emergence of Apple Pay, and voice becoming a relevant player. However, some… Read more »

4 Tips for Running a Successful A/B Test

Think Scientifically When you are running an A/B test, think of yourself as a scientist conducting an experiment. Strategies described in the Scientific Method apply very accurately in this situation. Before creating the test in Google Analytics or writing any code, ask yourself: What problem am I trying to solve? (Observation) What changes do I… Read more »