Ad Extensions You Should Be Using Today (Part 2)

Now that some of the basic ad extensions have been covered, we are going to dive into the other possible extensions that can really take your ad to the next level and help to meet those marketing goals you have set for your business.

Affiliate Location

Affiliate Location extensions are not to be confused with location extensions, which were covered in part one of this blog. The big difference is that affiliate location extensions help to drive people to the nearest places of business that sell your product. It is an ideal extension for companies that sell products through retail chains. A big advantage to this extension is that directions to the nearest locations are just a click away underneath your text ad. This helps to increase awareness of where your product is sold, which could lead to more sales.

Message Extensions

Message extensions are an alternative option to call extensions in that they are a great way to get people to contact you. The key difference from call extensions is that customers can reach you through direct messages instead of calls. Booking appointments, getting a quote, or requesting information is just one text away, eliminating the hassle that a call could produce for your busy business. Message extensions will only work with phones capable of sending and receiving text messages, so keep in mind that your business and customers must both be text message capable.

Price Extensions

Price extensions allow you to display up to 8 detailed offerings of your product or service that people can view right below your text ad, eliminating the middlemen in the consumer buying process. Price extensions create shortcuts which link people directly to the offering on your site that interests them. If you have a variety of offerings and are looking to increase those conversions on your site, I would recommend Price extensions to enhance your ad.

App Extensions

If your business has an app, then you will definitely want to take advantage of app extensions. Provided under your ad text is a link that leads directly to your app’s description, where it can be easily downloaded. So if you are looking to boost app downloads, App extensions can help you meet those goals.

Now that we have covered all the extensions that you can pair with your ad text, dig deep into what your business is looking to accomplish and which ad extension would be best suited for the job.

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