Promote Products and Increase Conversions with WooCommerce Core Features

I recently gave a talk at the Greater Portland, Maine WordPress Meetup where I covered some of the features in WooCommerce core that can help store owners improve their site. These features are often underutilized or overlooked altogether. In this post, we are going to look at some of these features and how to use them. Grouped… Read more »

Choosing a Third-Party Software Solution

Are you currently looking for a third-party software solution for your business? Overwhelmed by the choices? First take a step back and evaluate your business’ needs, goals and objectives. Develop a priority list of features from absolutely critical, can live without, would be nice, and possibly in the future. It’s important to stay focused on… Read more »

Why Automattic’s Purchase of Atavist Is Good for Bloggers

Last month, Automattic purchased Brooklyn-based startup Atavist. Launched in 2011, Atavist is a content management system for independent writers and publishers to more easily create beautiful stories, and since 2015 has offered the ability to add free and paid subscriptions to readers. With the purchase, Automattic is showing its continued pursuit of supporting quality journalism.… Read more »