WooCommerce 4.0 – New Reporting Tools

WooCommerce released version 4.0 on March 10th — this is a “major” release. The most notable addition is the inclusion of the WooCommerce Admin plugin into the core WooCommerce plugin. This includes a Javascript-driven interface for managing the backend, plus new reporting tools and a dashboard to monitor key metrics. They also updated the Action… Read more »

Responsive vs. Fluid Typography

Typography is arguably the most important aspect to any site—it communicates your brand’s message and objectives—yet it is often not given the attention it deserves. The current tech landscape includes all sorts of devices and screen resolutions, and designers and developers are expected to render content to work for all of these possible scenarios. We’ll… Read more »

Interacting with an External API with WordPress

The ability to utilize another company’s API (Application Programming Interface) is an extremely useful skill in any programmer’s arsenal. An API is essentially an interface a company provides that allows programmers to connect to their services in order to receive data and perform actions. There are different types of APIs, but in most cases, it… Read more »