Top Tricks & Tips for Instagram Advertising Success

Instagram has quickly evolved into one of the top marketing channels for businesses. Not only does Instagram have a massive amount of active accounts, but engagement rates on Instagram are what marketers dream about. The reason is that visual media is becoming a more effective strategy for engaging audiences and it’s what Instagram does best.… Read more »

Tips for Working with a New Agency

Putting your business in the hands of a digital marketing agency can be a scary thought. You’ve put so much work into building your business, brand, and products—now you have to pass the torch onto someone else to handle the marketing. Here are 3 key things to consider when working with an agency: Communication This… Read more »

Preheaders – Your Email Marketing Guide

When building email marketing campaigns, there are a considerable amount of variables when it comes to marketing strategy and technicality: audience & segmentation, subject, valuable content & imagery, automation, and deliverability to name a few. Something that is often overlooked is the preheader message. Preheader? What is that? The “preheader” is the text following the… Read more »