Online Marketing Trends – Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year again where we begin to wrap up 2016 and reflect on all that has passed this year. Last year, we made a few predictions that came to fruition, such as the need for more content in SEO, the emergence of Apple Pay, and voice becoming a relevant player. However, some… Read more »

Expanded Text Ads Best Practices

With the release of AdWords and Bing Advertising’s Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), which launched on July 26, 2016, search marketers have been eager to get out there in the last couple of months in order to test, optimize, and refine their own strategies. This has resulted in a whole new list of “Best Practices” that… Read more »

Expanded Text Ads Coming to Bing

In an inevitable turn of events, Bing is launching their own Expanded Text Ads in the wake of AdWord’s transition to the new Ad Format. AdWord’s Expanded Text Ads have been testing well in most, if not all, search marketer’s estimations, including our own, so for Bing to follow suit is not surprising. Bing’s Expanded… Read more »