Make the Most of Your Existing Content

One of the biggest challenges with any site is producing quality content that draws in new visitors and keeps existing visitors returning. This is especially true of sites of small businesses and nonprofits, whose resources are limited as a rule and rarely have someone who writes content as part of their job description. In these situations, when time and money are scarce, how do you get the content you need to rank in search engines?

The secret is: maybe you already have it.

Most businesses typically have some sort of regular publication, whether it’s an online or offline newsletter, or even marketing collateral. Are these news items archived on the website, in a form that is easily indexed by search engines? How about press releases? Have you recently been featured in the news? Anything written about your business that isn’t on your website should be. And chances are, there’s more material than you think.

While this isn’t much of a long-term strategy, it can help you leverage what you’ve already produced for minimal cost. It also may give you ideas on what kind of content you’d like to add — maybe there was a news item that highlighted a feature of your business you’d like to go into more depth, or an industry-wide change that has pretty wide-reaching implications you feel people should know about. Even if your focus isn’t with the pen, these ideas are the seeds which you should plant with whoever will be writing for you.

There’s no alternative to having good content, and sooner or later you’ll need more of it to continue building web success, but make sure you’re taking advantage of what you have if finding time to write is a challenge.

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