Are your Blog Posts Chirping?

Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there?

Ever spend hours crafting the perfect blog post? It’s informative, witty and controversial, everything that all the blogging experts say a blog post should be, Yet, nobody comments on it…at all? As bloggers, we spend a great deal of time, trying to convey information, thoughts and ideas to our readers, yet when feedback is not received, it can makes us feel like we are talking to ourselves, and let’s face it…blog posts can look a little pathetic without comments. Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.
So the question is, how do you get your readers to comment?

How to get blog comments:

1. Ask a Question – By asking your readers a question, they may feel compelled to answer it, especially if you are asking for their opinion or experiences. Remember, people love to talk about themselves and voice their opinions, give them an open invitation to do so.

2. Say Something Controversial – Do you have an opinion that goes against the majority? Write about it. State your conviction and stand strong while the comments from supporters and naysayers pour in.

3. Challenge another Blogger – Choose a successful blogger and write a post about how much you disagree or agree with one of his or her latest posts. Then, leave a comment on his post with a quick summary, be sure to link back to your blog. Not only will you be inviting the blogger to comment on your blog, but you will probably get a lot of curious readers of his blog to visit yours as well.

Comments give the visitors a sense of community. Communities are what you should be aiming to build with your readers, this is a sure fire way to get them to return, get them to subscribe, and best of all tell their friends about you.

Comment, Comment, Comment!
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