Are Your Pencils Sharp?

Ahhh, back to school. Time for the kids to get packing with new backpacks, fresh notebooks, the latest fashions and, oh yes, sharp pencils (okay, maybe that’s a little old school, but bear with the metaphor for a moment).

We all spent an inordinate amount of time each year preparing for the school year, but what do we really get out of all that effort?

Do sharp pencils and clean notebooks really make a difference? Couldn’t we do fine with the last 100 pages of last year’s notebooks and the chewed-up leftovers from last spring?

But of course, as every student — and parent — knows, it’s not the sharpness of the pencil, per sey, that makes the good student. We could, if we really wanted to, get away with dull pencils. But it’s not about the pencils, it’s about the attitude.

I am here, I am ready to learn, I am serious.

That’s what sharpness says.

So, how about your website?

Does it say, “My business is sharp and can serve your needs splendidly?”

Or does it say, “Hey… I put this up and I know it’s not good, and I kept meaning to update it, but never really got around to it?”

And, based on what your website says, what impression do you think your customers will have?

You put the time into showing up sharp to your office every day, and your website should be no exception. Even if no one ever shakes your website’s hand, you can be assured that they can and do make a lasting impression of your capability based on what they see.

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