Billy Corgan SXSW Interview Not Just About Music but About Modern Business

I was lucky enough to attend SXSW again this past Spring. What I love about SXSW is all the smart minds together at the same place and the same time. You can get the best idea or inspiration from an intimate dinner or from a huge keynote event.

One speaker who surprised me was Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins. You know the guy known for his on and off stage antics and pretty much wrote the soundtrack for teen angst in the 90s?!? Smart guy, actually.

Below is an interview he did at SXSW with Brian Solis. You should give it a watch (there are a handful of naughty words in it). Many of Billy’s points about the state of the music industry, really hit home for me about modern business in general. The music industry and every other business industry is different now.

If you cannot view the video, you can watch it on YouTube

Here are a few points that Billy Corgan made that really got my attention:

  • What people are willing to pay for has changed
  • Music is a service culture – business is now too
  • Attention does not mean success
  • With technology you can create an experience, not just a product

Again, SXSW is great for its surprises. Who knew I would get a kick in the pants on some business goals I want to reach from Billy Corgan?!

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