Bring Some Life To Your Blog! (Do it for us — your readers!)

bulbsYou have seen them. Empty, forgettable blogs just put up to beg for a comment, a digg, a stumble but not giving you much as the reader. You’re not going to Digg or Stumble it without an incentive, right?

Here are some suggestions to help your blog be remembered, subscribed to or shared:

Know what you are going to write before you start

Grab your reader’s attention. Have a powerful title and get to the point.Most people decide if they will read your post or not after reading the first sentence, if not just the title alone.

Don’t put something up just to have something up

A placeholder post is a total turn off.Say you found a remarkable post and subscribed to the blog because it really grabbed you – the next post or two after that are weak. Unsubscribe me please!

Consider Multiple Voices

How can every post you make be amazing? Consider multiple voices to your blog!

Write a post and then let another author contribute: a co-worker, maybe even your CEO. Just this week I was approached about writing a guest blog on someone else’s site. Cool idea? Maybe she was just having writers block!

Remember you are trying to have a conversation

Who enjoys egocentric blogs that are about the writer and don’t want anyone else’s opinion? They just want to bless you with their thoughts.

Of course you should share your expertise, but give readers something they can participate in.Ask a question. Ask for comments or for the readers thoughts and feedback. Your blog is a great way to build relationships with people and your company.

Get it out there!

Social Networking isn’t a one lane road. Share your work on other wavelengths. Email it to friend who you truly think would be interested in that piece. Post it on Facebook or Twitter

See a related blog? It could be appropriate to comment on someone else’s work and link back to your own. We find new blogs in hundreds of ways — make sure yours is accessible.

Those are just a few key points that I thought of. What did I leave out? What has helped you with your blog or what has held you back the most?

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