Does Your Website Tell the Truth?

Is Your Website a Liar?

I don’t mean, “does your website not state lies.”

I mean, does your website really shovel all of the squeaky sales veneer into its shallow grave and truly tell about what you do and why your approach better meets my needs, hopes, desires and dreams better than your competition’s?

It’s not just enough to build a website. Without a strategy, you won’t get anyone to that site.

But without the truth — without valuable, meaningful content — you won’t get users to take the next step.

They’ll sniff out your cold-calling sales people from a mile away. They’ll be suspicious about giving you their email address. They’ll find the back button.

Being honest doesn’t mean not talking about yourself in a positive light, but it does mean throwing out garbage phrases like “leading-edge best of breed high performance solutions,” putting up case studies and testimonials that truly let your customers speak and not hiding your service behind smoke and mirrors.

No hidden catches. No sneaky mailing lists.

Just a service that better meets my needs than anyone else’s.

Hey, that’s what I was looking for when I typed something in the search engine.

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