Dress Your Website Up for Halloween!

Jack O' Lantern slightly lit
photo credit: Tonamel

Yeah, so you may have noticed that we’re having fun with this Halloween thing. It may seem silly, but we’re in good company! See Google, YouTube, My Space, FriendFeed, Search Engine Roundtable, and many others!

(Did I miss one? Add in the comments!)

Rather than just silliness, what this sort of festivity does it breathe a little life in your website and shows that it’s run by… you know… humans. As opposed to robots. Or ghouls, witches, crows or other creatures of the night.

While it’s certainly handy to have a team of web developers in-house, making these sorts of changes to your site isn’t hard (your site’s built in flexible CSS, right?). A fun logo, a custom message on your homepage, or having your staff dressed in Halloween costumes only takes a few minutes to do and makes for a unique experience for your user… who will be forced to do a double-take of your website!

Just, uh, don’t leave it up after the holiday is over. Christmas lights in June is a definite faux-pas.

Happy Halloween everyone! And don’t forget to Trick ‘o Tweet!

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