Email Marketing and Personalization

Email marketing with a personalized touch is a great way to make your customers feel important. And it’s not just using their first name in the subject line. The content needs to be useful to your audience so they come back to your site to purchase again and again.

Below are 4 ways to adjust your email marketing strategy to create personalization.

It Never Hurts to Ask

Don’t be afraid of asking your customers what they like. Begin by emailing out simple customer surveys every so often to get an even clearer picture of what they want to see. It helps to also include a discount code to those who submit information.

Tailor Your Emails Into Segmented Lists

Go as simple as segmenting by location or demographic, or as specific as buying history or frequency of engagement. You can use these details to build customer groups and deliver specific messages to users this way. By grouping your email list, you can organize customers into similar groups and easily send emails with specific offers. If you know you have a group of customers who are “Women who purchase activewear” you can include offers tailored specifically to them in your emails.

Create Custom Landing Pages

Go one step further with your customer groups. Continue to give your customers a personalized experience by relaying the same theme onto a custom landing page from their email. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for each page, but by adjusting some content or imagery you can create a customized experience for each user as they land onto your website.

Abandon Cart Follow-Up Emails

Yes! You’ve got a user onto your site, they’ve picked a product, added it to cart… and then they leave. They get distracted and check Facebook. Don’t let those people go. Let them know you value their purchase. Use automation to create follow-up emails and include the exact items they abandoned. Make the follow-up email fun, cheeky, and memorable.


Not only do these tips help customers convert, it gives them a relevant, memorable experience that will remind them to come back.

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