Our Favorite Tools and Apps for Productivity and Work

Apps for WorkHappy 2014! With a shiny new year comes the opportunity (and urge, in my case) to get organized and amped up for many productive and successful months ahead. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of the tools that our staff couldn’t live without when it comes to managing the fast paced world we work in. In this age of information and task overload, the right tool can make all of the difference. Here are a few of our favorite apps and tools that we like to use to organize our inboxes, to-do lists, lives and more.

Crowd Favorite: Google Drive for Desktop and Mobile Devices
“I can share work and lists across all devices, anywhere, anytime.” – Marc Breglio, Search Marketer
“Set up with good usability on both tablet and mobile. You can find and edit all your documents as you would on a desktop.” – Caitlin Frank, Website Designer
“Makes it easier to access spreadsheets and shared data when checking or working on mobile sites. Has a pretty simple user interface, works well and loads quickly, which is all I can really ask for.” – Justin Graten, Junior Developer

AnyList for iOS
“Allows for making lists of to-dos that can be shared with other people which they can add to/cross off. I get a lot of use from the grocery list functionality.” – Caitlin
“It’s a free list app which can sync between users. For grocery shopping, my wife and I use it to keep track of what we need and can then split up while at the store to save time without getting the same thing twice.” – Gary Thayer, Junior Developer

Boomerang for Gmail
“I use it to catch up on emails at night and schedule replies for the morning to make the next morning not so hectic.” – RC Lations, CMS Developer

Circa for iOS
“Nice app for keeping up with news (they have a tech section, too) and following stories that are interesting.”- RC

Dragon Dictation for iOS
“I use this speech to text translator to write out emails and other messages when I need to be hands free, but still doing work.” – Marc

Evernote for Desktop and Mobile Devices
“There is always something I want to remember or write down and with Evernote I can organize everything in one place and have it on all my devices.” – Stephanie Podraza, Marketing Assistant

Google Keep
“I use Google Keep for lists, note taking and reminders.” – Matt Harrison, VP of Technology

“Allows me to save certain layout designs and functionality of websites that I use as inspiration.” – Caitlin

Remember The Milk for Desktop and Mobile Devices
“Simple to-do list that lets you quickly prioritize and shuffle items as your day goes on and priorities shift. I also like the optional shortcuts that make it easy to set due dates and priorities when adding items.” – Jessica Wallace, Digital Marketing Analyst

Sitegeist for iOS
“It’s a free app which combines local census data, yelp reviews and weather into a single program. When I was traveling a lot for work, it was helpful as a quick snapshot of my hotel’s neighborhood.” – Gary

unroll.me for email
“I get a daily digest of shopping and promotional emails and can minimize interruptions.” – Rachel Bowes, Digital Strategist

“When things get really busy and I end up with 20+ emails flagged as urgent in my inbox, I use this to keep a running priority list so I’m not spinning my wheels over how much there is to do. The drag/drop interface is really useful for that. – RC

Photo Credit: russeldavies via Flickr


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