Find What Facebook Pages Like Your Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a pretty good idea; most of the world seems to be on it, public business pages are indexed by search engines and it is an easy way to interact with your fans, customers and people in your industry. Facebook has taken some hard hits from businesses (especially B2B businesses) that it isn’t a real arena for a business to use as a marketing tool. That said, Facebook is regularly updating the site to answer some of these calls.

This week I noticed two very small changes that help the user experience of a business Facebook page:

  1. Being able to see what other businesses ‘like’ your page
  2. An easier way to display notifications

Blogging about these steps seemed harder than just showing you so I made a really quick screen cap video of what I am talking about.

If you cannot see the video, please click here to view on YouTube

A few reasons I think these are important

Even though other pages ‘liking’ your page doesn’t add to your number of people that like your page, it does show you who is tuned in to your content. Business pages now can interact with other pages as their business. They can also set up a news aggregator just in and around their industry, location, interests, customers, partners and more. Knowing which pages have ‘liked’ you lets you know who is really tuned into your messages.

The notifications alert on the side lets you quickly see, even if you are logged in with your personal account, how many times people have interacted with your page much easier. This little alert on the right is quicker and easier than logging in as the page and going to the top navigation to see the alerts.

Photo tagging business pages on Facebook

I also wanted to mention that yesterday Facebook rolled out tagging photos of business pages in photos. Right now it is only for brands or people pages (the example Facebook gives is Coca Cola and Kanye West) but I think it is safe to assume we should expect that on business and places pages soon.

Well I hope some of those little Facebook tips make it a little easier for you to engage on Facebook as your business! Good luck out there!

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