Get Your Butt in the Chair and Write

Day 152
  photo credit: Listener42

In addition to my life here at Hall as internet marketer, I’m an avid fan of audiobooks and a creative writer.  This weekend I was listening to an interview with a writer who was asked the question that all published writers must get really sick of answering — “What is your advice for beginning writers?” This guy, without missing a beat and with candor, said, “Get your butt in the chair and write.”

That answer summarizes a whole philosophy about work ethic and creativity that I think bears repeating.  Too often, we (myself included!) come up with excuses for not being able to write.  If we just stopped saying the excuses and spent that time writing, we would probably be a lot further along than we are.  No writer has it easy.  You never have so much time that you just can’t find anything else to do but write.

You need to make time to write.  Make it a priority.

Is writing a priority for you?  I hope it is.  Whether it’s a blog, an article, ideas for a new ebook, or a way of revisioning your company’s “about us” page, every business needs more content on the web.  And even if you don’t think of yourself as a very good writer, your ideas are good and original, and with a little bit of feedback and editing, your writing will work on the web.  It certainly will be authentic.

Of course, this philosophy applies to numerous other things you should be doing for your business that you might be putting off.  Do you have a sticky note reminding you that you still need to learn a bit about SEO?  That you still haven’t made a solid step towards your website redesign?  That your viral video idea is still sitting there on a scratchpad but yet to be produced?

Make time, because no one else will make it for you.  Get writing!

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