Organically Grow Your Email Marketing List

Organically Grow Email List SubscribersWhile there are a number of ways to increase the number of subscribers to your email list, perhaps the most important and often overlooked is simply making the signup process as simple and painless as possible. Below are eight tips to help build your list by using your website and current newsletter as your tools.

  1. Index your Signup Page
    Having an indexed page on your website that can be found easily by search engines is critical. In the event that someone actively searches for your newsletter, it should be easy to find and hopefully the search results give a little more information about your newsletter.
  2. Provide Internal Site Links
    Having links to your signup page peppered throughout your website ensures that there will not be any missed opportunities for users who like the content they’re receiving and want to sign up for more. Minimizing the steps for finding and actually getting to the signup form helps maximize conversions.
  3. Manage Expectations
    When promoting users to sign up, be sure to tell subscribers what you’ll send them (promotions, weekly digest, coupons, etc.), how often you’ll be sending it to them, and when. Be transparent about what subscribers will gain by being on your mailing list and you’ll get a lot more people to sign up.
  4. Use Incentives
    Tying in an incentive such as a 10% off coupon or access to a popular white paper can help encourage new signups. Rewarding subscribers early in the process helps set a positive precedent and reminds them that you value their readership.
  5. Guarantee Privacy
    Explaining that you won’t distribute your subscribers’ emails is important and can bolster trust quickly. This goes back to managing expectations. A short sentence effectively stating that user emails are only going to be used for your email marketing is all it takes.
  6. Encourage Sharing
    In the content of your marketing emails, be sure to include social media sharing buttons or an ‘Email to a Friend’ button. This is an easy way for users to quickly share the content with friends, family, and co-workers. And don’t forget to include a ‘Subscribe’ button at the bottom of your emails. This allows anyone who gets to your email through sharing to easily add themselves to your mailing list.
  7. Incorporate Signup in E-commerce
    During the checkout process on your website’s store, be sure to include a check box allows customers to sign up for your mailing list without having to fill out an additional form. Again, state briefly what they can expect to receive (i.e. Check here to receive monthly promotions and updates!)
  8. Don’t Be Greedy
    Reduce the need for divulging information by limiting what your potential subscriber really needs to give you. Asking for a phone number, zip code, age, can easily scare away someone that was willing to sign up with just their email address.

These simple steps for expanding your email list really boil down to two simple principles: (1) Make the process as simple and easy as possible for subscribers and (2) try and be as transparent as possible so users know what to expect in their inbox. Follow these guidelines and you may be surprised how quickly your marketing list grows.

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