Hall’s Favorite Apps and Websites of 2018

A lot has happened in 2018. From Fortnite to Facebook, there’s a lot to look back on and we’re here to help navigate through the clutter.

We surveyed our team, and here are some of our most used and admired apps and websites in 2018.

Apps We Love:

Atom – I switched to it as my code editor as it is free, opensource and has a lot of useful packages. This seems to be the year of the code editor as a few others like Visual Studio Code, but I’m happy with Atom for now.

– Tim Howe, Lead WordPress Developer

Plex – It’s a service that scans all of your offline media such as movies/shows, looks up the metadata associated with them, and then creates a user-friendly “hub” where all of your files have cover art, descriptions, actor info, trailers, etc. It basically turns a folder full of video files into a Netflix-like environment.

– Ryan Brooks, Junior Web Developer

Venmo – You can transfer money via your phone with your friends/family. Makes life easier when you need to split costs with someone whether it’s rent money or you want to split a restaurant bill without hassle.

– Vanessa Ricks, Client Account Representative

I’m taking web security more seriously by using LastPass and a VPN (TunnelBear). Shoutout to WordCamp for scaring me into this.

– Olivia Nishi, SEO Assistant

Mint – Personal financial manager app. It’s an easy way to manage your finances.

– Will Bouchard, Junior Paid Search Marketer

Insight Timer – It’s a free meditation app where you can create your own meditations, listen to guided meditations, and connect with other people meditating around the world. Good for destressing!

– Anna Pillsbury, Administrative Assistant

The HQ Trivia App – A cool new idea for an interactive way to win money. Those who enjoy trivia night will like this online quiz show where you can play against thousands of people around the globe.

– Mike Johnston, Director of Digital Performance

Although this is not a new app, I use Spotify all of the time. I like having the ability to create and share playlists as well as the recommendations that are provided.

– Olivia Brown, Client Services Coordinator

Psych! It’s a gaming app where you can play online games with friends on their devices.

 – Jonas Levasseur, Vice President of Operations

Websites We Love:

Unslpash.com – This is a must know website, in my opinion, for web designers, developers, and business owners. It is a free stock photo service with high-quality images submitted by photographers for you to freely use.

– Zach Gilseth, Email Marketing Manager

I encountered the svgator.com web app this year. I find it extremely useful for SVG animation and it’s exciting to observe how the app “matures” when more and more features become available.

– Irina Startseva, Junior Web Developer Privacy-first fast DNS server. They promote encrypted DNS to help prevent eavesdropping on your browsing. Plus, they have a really cool IP address of and it is the only IP address that I know of that has a valid certificate for it.

– Matt Harrison, Vice President of Technology

Cloudup – I use this almost daily. It makes it really easy to share screenshots.

– Jess Lavoie, User Experience Developer

I’ve been a heavy user of Fantastical for both MacOS and iOS this year. It’s beautifully designed, can show different calendars based on your location and the desktop mini view makes seeing upcoming events and making edits fast.

– Tim Suellentrop, WordPress Developer

Wholefoods – Not only a clean and appealing designed website but an easy user experience for consumers.

– Luda Paliyenko-Sherman, Director of Digital Acquisition

Hopefully, our list has introduced you to some new digital technology that’ll improve your life! Be sure to check out any apps and websites that piqued your interest!

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