Hall’s Favorite Apps and Websites of 2021

As this year comes to a close, our team is reflecting on our favorite go-to apps and websites of 2021. We’ve compiled a list of apps and sites for work, day-to-day, and entertainment. Check out our top picks for the year.

Our Favorite Apps

Slack – It’s a platform for business communication. The first time I used Slack was here at Hall, I like that it’s user friendly and straightforward.

– Skye Mainguy, Client Account Representative

Purposeful by Kumanu – It’s an app to help you keep up with your goals and basically find purpose in life. I like the concept and the UX/UI is really good as well.

– Stephany Gibbs, Junior eCommerce Developer

TikTok – TikTok is a social media platform for sharing, creating, and watching short-form videos. It’s full of talented people and has many niche communities.

– Ryan Brooks, WordPress Developer

Google Ads app – It allows you to manage Google Ads accounts easily on the go.

– Will Bouchard, Paid Search Marketer

Kajabi – It’s an app for online courses and it keeps track of all of the lessons you’ve taken and lets you access different courses you’ve taken from different teachers.

– Anna Pillsbury, Administrative Assistant

Hulu – Hulu’s mobile app is probably the best streaming app out there. For someone who spends an inordinate amount of time on their phone, it’s great to be able to browse and watch something in the corner of the screen and easily move it around if it’s blocking something.

– Jess Lavoie, User Experience Developer

Telegram – It provides an option for communication that’s great for groups of people / old friends to stay in touch. Also, Telegram appears to take the responsibility of data privacy seriously

– Everett Yeaw, Junior WordPress Developer

Discord – I’ve started using Discord more in 2021 and I really like it because of how easy and customizable it is. I primarily use it to communicate with friends when we play games, and recently I’ve used it to help organize events as well as participate in tournaments.

– Brian Chu, WordPress Developer

TD Ameritrade – I’ve gotten more into trading stocks since the start of the pandemic. I looked into numerous platforms and even use a couple of others but my favorite app for stock trading is the TD Ameritrade app because it’s the simplest one to use.

– Liv Kolar, Digital Marketing Assistant

Our Favorite Websites

hi.com – It’s a new defi website (decentralized finance) where you can earn interest and rewards holding digital currency.

– Joe Moody, Junior WordPress Developer

web.dev by Google – It outlines best practices for the web. Core Web Vitals has shifted a lot more focus to performance and speed which has been lacking.

– Tim Howe, Lead WordPress Developer

goodreads.com – Goodreads lets you easily keep track of books you want to read as well as your progress on what you’re currently reading. Those tools have helped me keep pace with my annual Reading Challenge set inside the app.

– Tim Suellentrop, WordPress Developer


Did any of our selections pique your interest? We hope you can benefit from some of these apps and websites in your daily life. For more helpful tips, trends, and news involving digital marketing and web development, subscribe to our blog.

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