Hall’s Favorite Apps and Websites of 2022

For most people, hardly a day goes by without some sort of web search or social media scroll. Websites and apps keep us organized, informed, productive, and entertained. This year, our team has compiled a list of our favorite and most used sites and apps of 2022.

Our Favorite Websites

growth.design/case-studies – A collection of very well-crafted and researched UX case studies through storytelling. Not only is it a very clever way to create a case study, but the content also inspires new ideas to test and evaluate.

– Jess Lavoie, Director of User Experience

Yummly.com – I’m a big fan of their Pantry Ready tool that lets you find recipes based on ingredients you already have. After making an account, I started getting good recommendations, too. And it’s all free! Gotta love that.

– Jonathan Soape, WordPress Developer

Smartslider3.com – Makes an incredibly well-designed plugin that seems to do everything right — even the editing interface is a work of art. The website, too, is an example of top design standards.

– Joe Moody, Junior WordPress Developer

Google Analytics 4 – Easier to set up than Universal Analytics and has basic tracking items everyone would want baked in.

– Tim Howe, Director of Web Development

Google Analytics – Continues to improve and make it more streamlined to review and export user data and reports.

– Jonas Levasseur, Vice President of Operations

Our Favorite Apps

Apple Home – I’ve dove deep into the smart home world over the last few months, and Apple Home is essential in keeping it organized and automated, especially with the Christmas lights, both inside and out.

– Tim Suellentrop, Senior WordPress Developer

Marco Polo – Allows me to connect face-to-face with family and friends across the country.

– Ember Sitton, SEO Specialist

Libby – It lets you connect to your local library and download books to your ebook devices for free.

– Ryan Brooks, WordPress Developer

Starbucks – The Starbucks app provides the nearest location, what products are out of stock, and the time the order will be ready, and gives you the ability to customize your order and pay on the app. I like the convenience.

– Gretchen Miller, Digital Marketing Specialist

f.lux – Software that adjusts the color of your computer’s display, so it is warmer at night and more like sunlight during the daytime.

– Anna Pillsbury, Digital Marketer

We hope you enjoyed our 2022 compilation of useful apps and websites and that you discovered something helpful for you. For more digital marketing and web development recommendations, subscribe to our blog.

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