How Cuil is This?

Gosh, I hate to be another one jumping on the Cuil-bashing train this morning, but it’s just too easy a target.

What is Cuil, you ask? Well, for a glowing review, see the New York Times. For something more sardonic, you can go here, or here.

Personally, I’m holding out for more information, and I welcome any competition to the realm of web search — it makes our job more fun and opens up new ways for our customers to reach their customers online.

And heck, I like the fact that we come up #2 for “Maine Web Design” :
Cuil Search Engine Results

… Though admittedly, coming up at #6 is The Freaky Bean Coffee House, which has much more to do with delicious handmade mocha grandes than HTML.

And even more laughably, at the bottom of the first page, maybe #12 or so (I do like how Cuil spins off from the traditional list of ten blue links), you see a link to the “Quoddy Loop–Lubec, Trescott & Whiting, Maine.” A fine, fine area of the state (in fact I went to the 2-room school house that’s mentioned in the by-line), but again… not really the cutting edge of web design.

So yeah, I’m in the same boat as the rest, skeptical of the launch but very open-minded about the future. Let’s just hope that it gets “Cuiler” in the future.

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