How to Optimize Your PPC Ads for Voice Search

There is no doubt that voice search is gaining popularity. If you’ve ever been stuck trying to find a business’s address or operating hours while driving, voice search can make it much easier. Data from Google shows that 27% of internet users are using voice search on their phones.

Optimizing your PPC ads for voice search queries will help you engage with potential customers more effectively. Here are six easy ways to get the best results with your ads.

1. Identify Keywords or Phrases Used for Searches

Voice searches tend to be longer and more conversational in nature, often taking the form of questions, such as, “What restaurants are open right now?” as opposed to typed queries which may consist of only a few words, for example, “Restaurants near me.” To identify specific searched terms or long-tail phrases you can use when creating a particular ad group or refining existing ad copy, check your campaign Search Queries report or Google’s Keyword Planner.

2. Revise Your Ad Copy

After you have completed your keyword research, include those terms in your ad copy. Keep your copy concise while answering user questions, and try to use natural language instead of technical jargon.

3. Use Call Extensions on Your Ads

Taking advantage of call extensions may seem like a simple thing, but it can have a major impact, allowing customers to contact you directly.

4. Target Mobile Devices

Don’t forget to target mobile devices when creating campaigns. If it is within your budget, increase your ad spend for mobile users so as many people can see the ads as possible.

5. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly

With voice searches usually coming from mobile devices, your website needs to be responsive and quick loading. Optimizing your website for mobile users is key to giving them a good experience when they search by voice.

6. Target Local Customers

If you are looking to attract local customers, make sure to use location targeting in your campaigns so they can be seen by people in your area. Also, if you haven’t already, create a Google Business Profile and keep the information current. A Google Business Profile will help local customers find your business’s location and learn about the services you offer.

With the rise of voice search technology, optimizing your Google Ads is more important than ever for getting better results and potentially increasing conversions. For more help optimizing your PPC campaigns, contact our digital marketing experts.

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