HTML5 is open for business!

Technology evolves once again with the gradual release of HTML5. With HTML4 being the standard for about 10 years, there has been long anticipation for an updated structure and more flexibility in relationship to popular online technology (multimedia, api’s, etc.).

Creature feature, the browser gods approve!

This new language has been given the thumbs up by major browsers with the guidance of the W3C organization (although not all support every single feature 5 has to offer). HTML5 is not a completed product, however it does lend some excellent features for developers to use.

  • Specific tag names (header, nav, section, article, footer)
  • New Doctype specification
  • Specific field types for forms (url, email)
  • Geolocation support

Dive-Into-HTML5 does a great job aggregating all of the functional detections for the new language.

Nice job, nerd…what does this mean for our company website?

Whether you have personally created and maintain your company’s website or if you have a web company do it, HTML5 creates the opportunity for your company website to give your users a more interactive experience using simplified code tags and multimedia compatibility.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t NEED to switch your entire company website to HTML5! You are able to use HTML5 attributes as they are fully compatible with HTML4.

What’s this all about Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash?

Basically, Mr. Jobs has a major problem with the proprietary animation software and it’s inability to function on his products. Touting his products compatibility with open standards languages (HTML5), Jobs gives a detailed description of Apple’s relationship with the animation software provider in an open letter this past April. What does this mean for HTML5? Widespread community support for fans of the major operating systems.

Want to see HTML5 in action?

First, check to see if your browser is HTML5 compatible with a compatibility test.
View some HTML5 demonstrations.

For news on HTML5 features and updates view these resources:

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