I owe you a week

Sorry I missed my weekly recap last week! I hope you didn’t feel totally in the dark! So this week some of the news will be from two weeks ago. Being sick in the summer is the worst isn’t it?

Here is the tech news I felt fit to tell you about from the last two weeks:

Facebook changing layout of fan pages, removing boxes – This is important if you are the administrator of a Facebook fan page! Facebook is changing the layout of their Facebook pages on August 23rd. If you have your page set up in boxes you need to take that content and move it to custom tabs. If you are the admin of a page, you should see an alert on the top of the page and the option to see what your page will look like when the changes take place (see below). The new width for custom pages will be 520px, which is significantly smaller than before.

Google Wave, Waves GoodbyeGoogle wave came out last year and while some loved it for its ability to collaborate on big projects, most were just annoyed with this product. Google announced that they are not going to be sinking any more resources into Google wave and it may eventually come down. The product “has not seen the user adoption we would have liked,” says Google. For more information about the end of Google Wave check out TechCrunch’s post or you can read CNNs post on Why Google Wave’s demise is good news for Facebook.

Facebook makes browsing photos easier – Perhaps taking a page from Google’s revamped image searches, Facebook has redone how they display photos on profiles. In creepier news, they also added ‘face detection‘ to make tagging easier. I have seen this on my home screen of Facebook a few times in the last week and I was surprised. I get what they are trying to do but it has a hint of creepy, if you ask me.

Delta lets you buy airline tickets right from Facebook – As the lines from social media sites and business get blurred, this new feature from Delta shouldn’t be a surprise but it caught many of us off guard. As of this past week you can now purchase airline tickets right from Delta’s Facebook fan page.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta coming our September 15th – Microsoft will launch the public Beta of IE9 on September 15th. Internet Explorer has quickly lost power to other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Will this new version pull them our of the mud? We will have to wait and see.

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