Optimizing An Image for WordPress

OK, so if you read our last blog post you now have a unique image that you can upload to your website. Now it’s time to optimize that image both for your users and for maximum impact with search engines.

The first step will be saving your image. It is best to give documents an appropriate file name that is descriptive, relevant, and keyword-focused. This step is often forgotten, but can actually provide a boost in the overall rank and searchability of your image and website through organic search listings on common search engines like Google and Bing. So, rather than uploading an image to WordPress with the file name IMG_0417 or Untitled Design.png, take the first of several opportunities to add your keyword relevant description.

If you’re working in WordPress, this can simply be done by updating the file name directly within the post, blog, product page, or Media Library.

WordPress Media Editor

Once you have uploaded your image to your WordPress site, it is time to assign additional SEO attributes such as Alt Text, Title and Description. These fields are found either within your Media Library or right within the post or page where you will be placing the image.

If you select your image WordPress will bring up a window displaying a number of relevant information about your photo, including your photo’s URL, Title, Alt Text, and Description, as well as a field to add a caption that appears below the image on-page. These are all fields that you will want to fill in with keyword targeted information relevant to the product, post, or page that the image pertains to. Keep in mind that each field will require its own unique content.

We have a great post describing the difference between image ALT and Title attributes, but as a quick rundown, the Title is the name of the picture, Alt (alternative text) describes what it’s of, and Description is where you can really get into detail about the picture and even leave links if you’re so inclined.

Once you’re done, save the image and pat yourself on the back. You can sleep better knowing you have a unique image optimized for both your site’s users and search engines.

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