Increase Sales and Drive More Conversions with Remarketing Ads

If you want to re-engage website visitors that didn’t convert, you will need to market to prospects in the middle or the bottom of the marketing funnel. This type of campaign is known as website remarketing. Remarketing ads are some of the most profitable because they are aimed at people that are already considering your product. Your ads work to move interested visitors into the conversion stage of the marketing funnel. Working with potential customers in this stage of the funnel can be very lucrative because you are prequalifying the people that will see your ads — you’re targeting people that have visited your site already and didn’t make a purchase.

Marketing funnel stages - awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty

While remarketing ads are often used to drive conversion and stimulate a purchase from someone who left your site without converting, many times remarketing ads are also used to foster loyalty and retain customers, which is how you can use them to target the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Here we will discuss how you can use remarketing ads to remarket to those who have visited your site. When targeting the correct audiences with the right campaign objectives, this ad type will deliver the best results and the highest return on ad spend (ROAS).

How Can You Use Remarketing Ads?

You can use remarketing ads to drive conversions or incite a purchase from anyone who has visited your site or who has viewed a certain product. You can even use remarketing ads to promote a sale or any specific product you are looking to showcase.

One of the best cases to use remarketing ads is with abandoned carts. Many customers will add your products to their cart without ever following through and buying anything. Remarketing ads can give customers the extra push needed to make a purchase.

Additionally, remarketing ads can be used to foster brand loyalty and help you to retain your customers. When an established brand sells a product or products that are well known by their customer base, such as the infamous McDonald’s, they are advertising to people that are repeat customers as a way of reminding them that they still exist.

Remarketing ads can be one of the most powerful and effective marketing techniques used by brands to retain their target audience. They can also be used to hold established products at the top-selling rates or in the maturity stage of the product life cycle.

Best Remarketing Advertising Tactics

Now that you understand what remarketing ads are and what they can be used for, let’s dive into the different tactics that can be used to implement them.

  1. Banner Ads: When used as part of a retargeting campaign, banner ads can be a perfect way to remind customers about your brand or any specific products they viewed. If a prospective customer visited your site but didn’t complete a purchase, a simple banner ad advertising a discount on another webpage they are viewing can be the perfect reason for them to return to your site and complete the purchase.
  2. Rich Media Ads: If you’re really looking to engage your audience, you can create rich media ads to remarket to your customers. These ads have an interactive element to them (such as video, audio, etc.) and work better to grab the attention of your customers and get them back to your site to complete that purchase. While they may take more work, these ads tend to generate more engagement and conversions than other ad types.
  3. Mobile Retargeting: This strategy works especially well for retail and eCommerce stores since the majority of their sales are made on mobile devices. Mobile ads can be delivered in a few different formats, do your research and find the one that works best for your needs.


Remarketing advertising is one of the most powerful methods you can use to promote an existing brand or product. It can help you to maintain a long product life cycle or retain customer loyalty. Remarketing ads can be used in a variety of formats and on both desktop and mobile, making them the perfect tool to help push prospective clients down the marketing funnel, working to turn leads into customers. If you’re interested in creating remarketing ads, contact the marketing professionals at Hall to see how we can help.

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