Insights 09 Day 1 Recap – Responding to the Economy and Getting LinkedIn

Sage Insights kicked off Monday with sessions running throughout the afternoon, a keynote from Sage CEO Sue Swenson, dinner at the tradeshow and  then a few gatherings thereafter, notably the Sage LinkedIn group which featured passionate discussion about small VARs and their relationships with Sage.

In our YouTube footage of the day, we asked a few partners what they thought of Sue Swenson’s keynote, and then caught Bill Kizer, admin of the Sage Partners, Employees and Alumni LinkedIn Group, what he’s experienced with the group and where he sees it going.

Incidentally, that URL he mentions is:

There’s another keynote today and many more sessions.  We’ll keep you in touch with what happens next!

PS: Don’t miss #insights09 if you want to keep up with the conference’s tweetivity.

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