Off to Florida!

Well, our bags are packed, the signage and t-shirts are in, and Hall Web Services ambassadors Tom and I leave gorgeous Maine spring for humid Orlando for the Sage Software Insights trade conference. As the annual conference for Sage partners throughout the country, Insights is always an excellent opportunity to touch base with customers we haven’t seen in a year as well as show our presence as a web services vendor to other partners.

We’re slightly unique in being Sage specialists but not an entirely vertical firm — we have great relationships with our Sage Software partner clients, but we work as much if not more with businesses of other types. I think this gives us an advantage, if only due to the variety and different critical thinking hats we need to put on. What works for the demographic searching for Sage Software is radically different than those searching for real estate or tourist opportunities, for example, and having to master all of these areas under the umbrella of search makes us better for everyone.

I also look forward to the opportunity to get out and speak with people about some of the services we’ve been working on in semi-isolation for the past weeks. Many long nights and countless cups of coffee later, we’re rolling out robust new offerings in our Internet Marketing department and integrating more and more interactive content during web site development. As I hope my articles have shown, we keep a close ear to the pulse of the industry and are capitalizing on some of the latest emerging technologies to diversify and increase sources of web traffic.

Next week I hope to share a wrap-up of all the interesting events and encounters of the Conference, and the important lessons about search learned in the process. In the meantime, consider the precarious political/free speech implications of Thailand’s decision to not sue Google.

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