Maybe Old Spice Can Help iPhone 4 Clean Up Their Act?

This week the internet was consumed with the shirtless Old Spice actor and iPhone’s continuing drama around the iPhone 4. In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of this week’s biggest news-makers.

Old Spice creates a stink on social media sitesCase study exhaustion beware! Every now and then a marketing initiative comes around and it takes everyone by storm. You watch it all happen and then for me, I hear a click in my head, ‘I am going to hear this case study for the next 5 years, over and over and over… damn’. This week Old Spice did something really interesting. They took the actor from their television campaign and had him make personalized video responses to social media power users. He responded to tweets, comments on YouTube videos and more. The funny responses were clever, came in rapid succession and were mostly targeted at higher profile social media users like Ashton Kutcher, Lucretia Pruitt, Guy Kawasaki, Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter) and even a flirty back and forth exchange with Alyssa Milano. To see all the responses you can check out the YouTube channel dedicated to the Old Spice Responses. The marketing effort was clever and won the Old Spice marketers some major pats on the back. Some are of course questioning the ROI of the campaign. No matter what the results, Old Spice had the online world’s attention for 48 hours.

Below is a video response from the Old Spice man to Jason Keath from Social Fresh about his request for an interview.

iPhone 4 press conference – As we have discussed before, the latest iPhone is having some serious problems. The technology darling, Apple, is under fire in a big way, which is new to them. Apple is known for being innovative and is held to a high standard. This debacle has highlighted that Apple and Steve Jobs don’t know what to do in a media crisis. Today, Apple is having a press conference to talk about the iPhone 4. It should be interesting to see what the company has to say and how they plan on fixing the faulty device. Another blow to the iPhone happened when Consumer Reports came out this week and said they could not recommend the new phone because of its known antenna issues. Video below.

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