The Power of AMP on Search & Display Ads

What is an AMP?

AMPs are open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages that prioritize speed to provide a faster user experience. It is made up of three core components that include AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache. For more information, check out the latest from the Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project.

How is Google using AMPs?

In its latest release, Google AdWords has introduced two new updates to benefit fully from AMP and the performance of search and display ads. The first being the launch of its AdWords beta that allows for fast-loading AMP landing pages for search ads. The second update speeds up ads served across the Google Display Network. Combined, these two new updates bring the speed and power of AMP to your online advertising efforts.

Pros of the new AdWords beta:

  • Faster mobile pages on the Search network
  • Improved ROI

Pros of the new Display Network update:

  • Loads speeds up to 5 seconds faster
  • Increased visibility
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