PPC, B2B, SEO aka …HUH?

More and more businesses are realizing the importance of having a strong internet presence. We have been fielding an increasing number of questions in the field of Paid Search Marketing. Until recently, many companies thought just having a website and hoping for the best was enough when it came to internet marketing. As time went on, companies began to see the value of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, to help get their website found (also known as ‘Organic Marketing‘).

Sponsored Search Example
Sponsored Search Example

Paid Search Marketing is commonly referred to the acronym “PPC”, or Pay per Click. It is a paid method of being found in Search Engines (usually in a sponsored search section). The smaller the audience you are trying to appeal to, the more important this becomes, especially for Business to Business (B2B) Marketing.

Recent changes in Google (see our post on this What’s New With Search? Much Ado About Google Instant!) have actually decreased the number of terms being used to find websites. This means each individual search term or ‘keyword’ is more important than ever for your business. This is where Paid Search Marketing comes in.

Check back with us over the next few months as we cover a range of Paid Search Marketing topics including Campaign Setup and Tracking, Campaign Analysis, Determining Return on Investment (ROI), and more. In our next bi-weekly post we will be discussing the fundamentals of PPC and the “Anatomy of a PPC Campaign.”

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