Rackspace Makes List of “Green” Web Hosts

Compared to traditional advertising, there can’t be anything much “greener” than web marketing — no printed collateral, no big billboards, no consumable media, and considerably less fuel burned than what it takes to coordinate a typical advertising gig.

BUT… if you were looking for more ways to feel good about the web, our web hosting partner Rackspace just made the list of green hosting companies, for their green energy credits, carbon neutral facility in London, and plans for building a green campus in San Antonio, Texas.

The less-green aspect of the web is that it takes a lot of electricity to power all of the computers required to keep things up and running, but web companies in general tend to be ahead of the curve at adopting renewable energy sources and we hope that Rackspace’s leadership gets more datacenters thinking about how to power their infrastructure using the sun.

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