Optimizing your website for search is so important. You want to make sure the right people are finding your site for the right things. In this Infographic below we try to show you all the different aspects of optimizing your website.

Your process needs to start with keyword research and validation. You want to target the best performing keywords to make sure you are connecting with the right customers. Next you want your site architecture and structure to be very usable to website visitors and easy to read for search engines. Each page of your site also should have a variety of page elements optimized like the page URL, meta description, page titles and more.

After you have your site set up correctly and optimized, you want to make sure people are finding it and linking to it. Inbound links from other sites shows search engines that you are an authority on your topic. Adding valuable content and building inbound links is great for SEO. Last but not least, you need ongoing assessment, adjustments and validation that your site is performing the way you want it to. SEO isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ form of marketing. The internet, your users and search engines are always changing – regularly check back and make adjustments to your site as necessary.

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