SEO is a Process Not a Project

In today’s challenging economy business owners realize having a website is simply not enough.  In order to survive business websites need to be ahead of competitors in search engine results.

Business owners  may realize they need “SEO” to profit in sales, but what many web site owners do not realize is hiring a web developer to complete a SEO project to optimize their website  does not guarantee page one of Google, and a one-time investment will most likely will not see true return on that investment.

Why? Because SEO is a process, not a project.  Search engine optimization is an ongoing maintenance process, and not a one time project with a completion date.  In order to have a successfully performing website that ranks at the top of popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo (and remains in top standing), business owners must factor ongoing maintenance and SEO improvements into the annual marketing budget.

The first step to the SEO process is restructuring a website to include on-page SEO best practices. Once this is done, the crucial second step begins,  the maintenance process – the monitoring, analyzing, tweaking, and fine-tuning of on-page SEO to improve  site performance … only  to then begin the process all over again, and again, and again.

True website search engine optimization cannot occur without step two. The internet is not a static  environment.  Search engines, by design, will show the freshest and newest information, and if your site is not kept up to date it will start to slip even if it previously did well in search rankings.

If  your business treats SEO as a project that gets checked off as completed and the work stops, it’s only a matter of time before more ambitious competitors will appear in search listings, pushing you down into the bottom end of the rankings.

The internet is continuously changing, but SEO remains the name of the on-line business success and survival  game — for now.  In order to maintain momentum and stay on top of your SEO game, business owners need to realize SEO maintenance is an ongoing marketing commitment,  not a one-time website update project.

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