Social Media Advertising – Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

There is no denying that your customers and potential customers are using social media sites. As social media sites rose in popularity though, it became harder to stand out from the crowd. As social media sites grow up (and try to generate money), many have launched advertising options for businesses. Some are great, some need a little more work.

Three of the most popular social networks, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, offer advertising options. Facebook has had it for a long time but has recently added more options. LinkedIn has had it for awhile but just revamped their display and targetting options. Twitter seems to still be working it out but is headed in the right direction.

Twitter Advertising – Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends – Twitter’s advertising options have been working on refining themselves for awhile now. Promoted Tweets are the most popular. You can pay per engagement – when someone replies, clicks on, or retweets your promoted post.

The next most popular option for Twitter advertising is Promoted accounts, where you promote your account and it shows up on other people’s Twitter home pages, you may have noticed these on the right hand side of your Twitter account.

Lastly, there is Promoted Trends which can cost you over $100,000. Promoted trends show up in the Trending section of people’s Twitter accounts. Our presidential candidates tried out Promoted Trends, and had some interesting results. Maybe Promoted Trends isn’t in your budget but this video below does a nice job explaining the other Promoted options on Twitter.

LinkedIn Advertising – The business person’s social network of choice, LinkedIn, also has recently refined their advertising offering. With LinkedIn Ads you can target people by job title, industry, company size, age and the Groups they belong to. Ads generally show up on the right hand side of various pages on the site. Sometimes, they can be text ads near the header as well. For more information on how LinkedIn ads work, you can view the Ads FAQ section

Facebook Advertising – A social media advertising favorite is Facebook ads. Facebook has had their traditional ads (right hand side of Facebook pages) for awhile now. Many businesses have had great success and really like them. You can target very specific people depending on their demographic information, by things they like who they are connected to and so much more.

Facebook recently added Sponsored stories for Pages and individuals. With a sponsored story, you can try to get more eyes on a story that is on your page’s timeline. They are relatively new but people are seeing a lot of success with them.

Social Media advertising is still maturing but with many options, businesses are finding great success with it. The spend is traditionally lower than other advertising platforms and it is very measurable.

What do you think? Has your business tried any of the newer social media advertising options? Did you see any success from it?

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