Staying Organized on Social Media

It is now an undisputed fact that social media counts in terms of marketing and building a brand online. But with the number of new social media outlets and accounts combined with the number of people tuning in, how do you figure out which ones to use and which to disregard?

Focus on the social media that counts

As previously mentioned, more and more social media tools seem to pop up on the landscape, which begs the question: which should your business use? While it may feel important to stay on top of each social network out there, this isn’t necessarily the case. Look at the feedback on your existing social media channels or in Google Analytics to see where your social media traffic is being generated and pay attention to those channels accordingly. Focusing on the ones that matter most to your business and capture the attention of your demographic is the most can save you a huge amount of time and effort.

Use Common Sense

While deciding on content is often the most difficult aspect of successful social media, timing is also extremely important…and befuddling. One way to keep track is to keep your wits about you by using common sense and reflecting on how you use social media. For example, if you were looking to improve traffic and engagement to you LinkedIn account, it makes sense to think about the context of that specific social media channel. As a work and professional network, it is more likely users are engaged during the workweek so it would not make sense to time posts on LinkedIn for the mid-afternoon on a Friday.


Experiment and Adapt

What may work for one business may not work for another. Creating a strategy that can adapt and remain flexible is key. See what works best for you by posting at various times you may think are optimal. For example, if your business is geared toward men and you suspect that a higher percentage of men read blogs in the evening, try posting on your most popular outlet to see whether or not this statistic rings true for you.

Finally, remember that while these are helpful general guidelines, they are not the end-all-be-all of how to run your social media campaign. As always, it is important to stay true to your business’ voice and see what works best for you and your consumers.

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